• Testimonials

  • I came to Elif's healing practice after I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). I was told that I would have to be on some kind of medication for the rest of my hormonal life. Whether it was oral contraceptive (birth control), Metformin to regulate insulin production, or a period-inducer every three months to keep the flow going, Western medicine has no cure, and not a single solution I like. My hormones levels were completely out of whack (very high testosterone levels, and very low estrogen levels), and, without becoming melodramatic, I felt like a fraud of a woman. I didn't think I would ever have a normal moon cycle again, and I feared that I would not be able to have children without undergoing hormone treatment. A dear healer and friend of mine recommended me to Elif, saying confidently, "This woman will get you to bleed." We started working together in January, right after I received the abnormal results from the bloodwork indicating PCOS. Elif's knowledge of Eastern medicine, herbs, and energies, coupled with her intuition and enthusiasm for this modality make her a superb healer. She combined and alternated protocols and made careful considerations of each step, based on my current condition - whether I was stressed, tired, sensitive, etc. She helped me modify my diet and regulate my intake of some stressors, like caffeine and tobacco, and was persistent beyond her own expectations. Finally, five months later, after pursuing only Elif's prescribed course of action - with a modified diet, Chinese herbs, and acupuncture, I got my first moon cycle in almost two years, and I have continued to moon since. We celebrated together, both crying at the amazing potential of my newfound womanhood and fertility, and at the astounding power of Chinese medicine in Elif's hands to bring about what Western medicine said was not possible. As I write this, I am waiting to go in for what will probably be my last appointment with Elif for some time, because rather than hooking me forever to pharmaceuticals or consoling me with some palliative, Elif has actually restored balance in my body, and taught me ways to maintain it. She cured me of PCOS, and I'm not the only one. Beyond being a skillful and knowledgeable healer, Elif is genuinely caring, insightful, and absolutely hilarious. I cannot recommend her highly enough to women seeking hormonal balance, especially those diagnosed with PCOS.

    Courtney Jordan S (Thornton, CO)

  • I have been enjoying the benefits of acupuncture for almost a year. I suffered from terrible hay fever in the late summer and was seeking relief, so I thought I’d try acupuncture. Elif Kuzu came highly recommended from a friend. After an in depth discussion about my health, I started treatment. Wow! After the gentle placement of the first three needles, my sinuses opened up and I hold breath through my nose! I noticed relief of my allergy symptoms during this initial treatment and continued to work with Elif to help balance my body in an attempt to reduce my reactionary and inflammatory allergic response. I admire Elif’s genuine concern for my well being. I feel like she really listens and takes the time to get to know you. After responding so well to my initial treatments, I have continued to seek Elif’s help when I get out of whack. Most recently, she helped me to relax the muscles in my neck and shoulders. A combination of stress, poor posture and too much computer time really had me in a tangle! The treatment for muscular stiffness is unrivaled and provides instant relief. I started at a chiropractor, but it became clear that if I didn’t get my muscles to cooperate, this cycle of pain and stiffness would persist. After 2 treatments and a conscious effort to maintain proper posture, I have full range of motion and no pain! It’s hard to verbalize the extent to which Elif’s knowledge and skills have positively impacted my health! Give acupuncture with Elif Kuzu a try. It’s one of the best investments in your health you can make… This is powerful medicine!

    Vic C. (Denver, CO)

  • If any one has sciatica pain you know that its real painful. I had unbearable pain from my but cheek to my foot and I heard that acupuncture can relieve the pain so I tried it and it worked!!!! Thanks to Elif Kuzu, it was fast and worked with in minutes. The following day I had no pain at all and was surprised it worked! ?Her talent in Chinese medicine is above and beyond I recommend her to anybody that has any type of pain.? Thanks Elif Kuzu!

    Josiah L. (Longmont, CO)

  • I just recently tried acupuncture. I have always wondered if this stuff works. My last visit to Elif made me a true believer. I have had what doctors call frozen shoulder. I could not rotate my arm past 50 degrees. Elif told me she can fix that. She worked on me for an hour and the next day I could rotate my arm to almost 90 degrees. I haven’t been able to do that in over 6 years! Elif is the awesome and she will make you feel great!

    Jay H. (Broomfield, CO)

  • Boulder Body Balance Acupuncture is extraordinary. As a performing musician traveling worldwide for more than 30 years, I’ve experienced a wide range of healing modalities. My treatment at Boulder Body Balance Acupuncture was a highlight of my life, with dramatic results including increased energy, alertness, clarity, deeper sleep, and a profound feeling of well-being. Elif Kuzu is exceptional: tuned in, and a master of her acupuncture specialization.

    Michael F. (Playa Del Rey, CA)

  • I used to suffer from chronic back pain and stiffness for several years… Being an active individual, playing basketball, working out, softball, and golf. I lost all ability to participate in any of these activities that I loved. I tried everything from Chiropractors to Medical experts and they couldn’t give me anything but temporary relief. I would normally be pretty skeptical about the effectiveness of needles being shoved into your body. I was desperate, and Elif convinced me that acupuncture could help. So I tried it and after a few painless treatments. I have felt better than I have in about 5 years. I can run and work out and play sports again. Its so encouraging how great you feel after one treatment. I would recommend acupuncture to anyone who’s feeling pain or stressed, anxiety or even sickness. I am a 100% believer in the medicine of Acupuncture and Elif’s abilities.

    Ken T. (Midland, TX)

  • First rate treatment! After injuring my right bicep and talking with a paramedic and two other physicians, they all said I needed surgery…the normal procedure but I know and felt that it wasn’t that severe. My arm was quite functional with no swelling with mild bruising. Gotta say after 2 visits for acupuncture the bruising faded away (meaning like 99% gone!),and my arm has recovered drastically! I’m able to do my every day tasks, pouring, brushing teeth, open doors/jars/drinks, shifting gears in my car, etc! I can’t do my 45lbs dumbbell curls just yet but in time it’ll come! I will defiantly schedule more visits when Doc Kuzu is available! Thank You so much!

    Miguel F. (Midland, TX)

  • Elif totally understands how to help woman with afterbirth belly problems. I have been working with her for the last few months and have seen RESULTS! Amazing. Thanks Elif for all the health and wellness tips. You are a fountain of knowledge.

    Aryl H. (Boulder, CO)

  • I was first skeptical about needles inserted in my body. But after my first treatment I was hooked! Not only can you NOT feel anything, but after the treatment, you feel so much better. I first went to Elif Kuzu with help with stress, and boy did it get the job done. She first spoke to me about my health issues, which included alot of stress, asthma problems, and my sluggish metabolism. After a brief chat, we hit the ground running. She gave me a treatment for each, all in 1 session. I felt the stress right away. I mean, I felt like I was floating on cloud 9. You have to try it to believe it, but trust me, it was an amazing feeling. For my asthma, after the first treatment, I felt my breathing was better. I was able to inhale more air. So much so, that I stopped using my rescue inhaler, and still don’t use it! For my sluggish metabolism, I’ve noticed I have more energy, and along with diet, exercise, AND acupuncture, I have seen the results when diet and exercise alone didn’t do much. If you want to try acupuncture, I highly recommend Elif. She is such a positive energy, and will motivate you to make you live your life the way you want to. She is straightforward, and listens to all your complaints, and somehow, always makes you feel comfortable. That’s the word…comfortable. I feel like I’ve known her for years, and that’s pretty important when it comes to my health. Acupuncture with Elif rocks!

    Layla J. (Albuquerque, NM)