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Boulder Holistic Medical Center
805 South Broadway, Ste.103
Boulder, Colorado 80305

  Phone: 720-509-9588
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Initial Consult with Treatment

(Required before you can book a follow up appointment and most other treatments.)

This initial treatment is 90 minutes, and includes an intensive health history consultation including thorough questioning, palpation, tongue and pulse diagnosis as well as constitutional diagnosis. This ensures that we know the root of the symptoms for proper treatment. After the evaluation and consultation you will receive an acupuncture treatment with the remaining time. This full intake and consultation only needs to be done once and is imperative to insure we have a complete understanding of the person as a whole as every person and symptom is different and will receive a custom treatment based on diagnosis. A treatment may consist of one or more of the following in addition to needles: TDP lamp therapy, e-stim., cupping, auricular (ear acupuncture), gua sha, moxabustion and or diet/ herbal advice.

Follow Up Treatments

Follow up treatments take place after your initial consultation/treatment. This ensures proper assessment and provides you with the best diagnosis and treatment.

Acupuncture- 60min

After your initial appointment you may want to return for a follow up treatment. Follow up treatments include an evaluation, diagnosis and an acupuncture treatment. Most people need a 3-10 treatments to see the results they are looking for although, every person is different and they may require more or less. A treatment may consist of one or more of the following in addition to needles: TDP lamp therapy, e-stim., cupping, auricular (ear acupuncture), gua sha, moxabustion and or diet/ herbal advice. 

Acupuncture + Pain Relief Injection- 90min

Basic acupuncture treatment with the addition of homeopathic injections, great for pain relief for all types of pain. A great combination to speed up the healing process for injuries old or new. The sooner an injury is treated the quicker the healing process. 

Acupuncture + LipoVite - 60 min

A combination of acupuncture and LipoVite injections is an excellent choice for weight loss. Acupuncture treatment includes an evaluation, diagnosis and an acupuncture treatment. LipoVite shots are great for metabolism, energy, weight loss etc

LipoVite: is a combination of B1,2,3,5,6 12 and other fat metabolizing ingredients. Injected in 2 specific acupuncture points. Mobilizes the fat and helps to break it down, it has Vitamin B6 to help you lose your water weight and Vitamin B12 which boosts your energy level.

Acupuncture + B12- 60 min

A combination of Acupuncture and B12 injections can prove to be quite beneficial. B12 is great for metabolism, energy, weight, headaches, memory and much more.

B12- Need an Energy or Metabolism Boost? B12 Shots are a great addition to healthy lifestyle they provide immediate energy, can boost metabolism and aid in weight loss.  B12 is essential for Neurological health and can help with: Increased energy, Boosts Metabolism, Aids in Weight Loss, Helps prevent memory loss, Aids in digestion, Helps Hypo-Thyroid problems, Increases Red Blood cell count, Helps fight depression / irritability / regulates emotions, Helps prevent allergies, Helps prevent migraines. B12 shots are recommended once a week.  Unlike many facilities the B12 we use is preservative free and comes in the best form: methyl which is easier and more useful for the body to metabolize.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a method of helping the body to promote natural healing and to improve health. The classical Chinese explanation is that channels of energy (qi) run in regular patterns through the body and over its surface nourishing and supporting every cell, gland, organ and tissue. These channels, called meridians are like rivers flowing through the body affecting blood flow to various organs structures. An obstruction in the movement of these energetic rivers is like a dam that blocks the flow. When and obstruction, deficiencies or excess of energy occurs it can lead to pain, discomfort, and/or a variety of other symptoms/disease. 

An acupuncturist can influence the meridians by inserting a tiny needle into very precise acupuncture points. This unblocks and reestablishes the flow through the medians therefore treating the root of the cause and improving health. 

What Does Acupuncture Treat?

The most common reasons a person may try acupuncture may be for pain conditions. Following this, many people seek acupuncture treatments to increase fertility, manage menopausal symptoms or manage chronic headaches.

The World Health Organization has identified diseases and disorders for which acupuncture therapy has been tested in controlled clinical trials with reported success. Among the disorders that acupuncture has proven to be useful for:

  • Depression
  • Headache
  • Induction of Labour
  • Low back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Sciatica

For the complete list of disorders for which Acupuncture has been identified to be useful for please see the WHO website.

What should I expect on my first visit?  

The first visit to an acupuncturist usually begins with the practitioner taking a detailed history. After review, the practitioner will begin diagnosing your ailment. A visual examination of the tongue and palpation of  the pulse will give the acupuncturist information to diagnose the patient. 

How Many Treatments Do I need?

The number of treatment depends on the seriousness of your condition. A typical course of acupuncture treatment is 10 sessions, although significant improvements can occur after just a few visits. Your first visit may take 120 minutes due to the initial intake and interview, with subsequent visits lasting about 30-60 minutes.

Does it hurt? 

Unlike hypodermic needles, acupuncture needles are solid and hair-thin  They are also inserted to much more shallow levels than hypodermic needles, generally no more than 1/2 -inch to an inch. While each person experiences acupuncture differently, most people feel only a minimal amount of sensation as the needles are inserted. Some people report feeling a sensation dull achyness, while others feel relaxed. I use a very gentle technique and tiny needles to create maximum comfort.

Are The Needles Sterile?

Yes, all the needles are sterile and only used one time. 

How Big are the needles?

Needles used extremely thin, most people are surprised find out that needles are actual about the thickness of a strand of hair. 

What does it feel like?

The sensation a you will feels can vary from person to person. Some people feel almost nothing while others feel a heavy, dull, achey or even a tickle sensation which indicates the arrival of qi. People generally find acupuncture a very comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable experience. 

What other techniques are used besides acupuncture needles?

Acupuncture only one facet of oriental medicine. Many times an acupuncturist may choose to utilize an additional technique or modality that maybe include one or more of the following

Electro-acupuncture - acupuncture needles are connected to a machine that delivers an electrical charge. This method is commonly used for people dealing with pain or muscular issues.

Moxibustion - Commonly called moxa, mugwart, or Artemesia Vulgaris and is an herb that is burned on top of a needle. Moxa is commonly used in people dealing with cold or deficient conditions.

Cupping - uses glass or plastic cups which are placed on the body with suction to help remove toxins and muscle tension or stimulate the immune system. Cupping is commonly used for people with muscle, tension, pain or immune issues and common colds. 

Tui na/Shiatsu - is essentially massage affecting qi, blood and muscles, it is used with theory of meridians and acupuncture points and can be used for various conditions.

 Services & Prices

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Initial consult w/ treatment $125
Follow up Acupuncture $75
Acupuncture + Pain Relief Injection ($15 add on for each additional ampoule needed) Most of the time only 1-2 ampoules are needed. $95
Acupuncture + LipoVite
(Package of 5 $450)
Acupuncture + B12
(Package of 5 $425)


Auricular + B12
Auricular + Lipo-Vite

Chinese Massage

60 minutes
30 minutes

Chinese Herbs

Initial consultation
Follow up


B12 injection
(Package of 5 $100)
Lipo-Vite Injection
(Package of 5 for $150)

TDP Lamp

TDP Lamp + Acupuncture
TDP Lamp + Acupuncture + Lipo-Vite/B12
(Package of 5 for $550)

30 mins or less

Life gets busy and you may be short on time but still would like to come in for a treatment? These shorter treatments are designed for the busy individual.
Cupping $45
Acupuncture mini treatment $45
Auricular $35
Auricular + B12 $50
Auricular + Lipvite $50
Pain Relief Injection $30

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